Community Impact

The Butterfly Run has been a huge success raising $340,753.46 for Quinte Health Care in three years.


With that money we provided 300 Butterfly Kits for families that experience loss on Quinte 7 (maternity floor). Each kit contains:

  • A book for parents

  • Butterfly bracelet - made by a bereaved mom

  • Kleenex

  • Butterfly for the door

  • Pregnancy & Infant Loss (PAIL) Brochure

  • Stuffed bunny keepsake

  • Candle

  • Box and bag for hair keepsake


  • Keychain for Dad

  • Peppermint tea

  • Keepsake magnet

  • Single use clean ink pad

  • Letter from a loss mom

  • Muslin swaddle blanket

  • Resources & support information

  • Theo’s Wish

We also provided 2,500 Early Loss Butterfly Kits for all Emergency Departments across Quinte Health Care. Each kit contains:

  • Pregnancy & Infant Loss (PAIL) Brochure

  • Peppermint tea

  • Keepsake magnet

  • Butterfly bracelet - made by a bereaved mom

  • Sanitary napkins

  • Kleenex

  • Letter from a loss mom

  • Theo’s Wish

  • Resources & support info

Additional Resources Provided to Maternity Floor:


  • Stuffed bunnies for siblings

  • Different sizes of clothing (less than 1 pound to preemie/newborn)

  • Children’s book for siblings

  • Ink pads for foot and hand prints

** These items are not in each of the kits, they are available in the storage cupboard to
help with each family's specific needs


Equipment Purchased:


  • Cuddle Cot Cooling System for Belleville General Hospital in 2016

  • Neonatal vein illuminator for the NICU

  • Cuddle Cot Cooling System for Kingston General Hospital in 2018 from community donors.

  • Baby Ventilator 

  • Labour and Delivery Lighting 


Staff Training:


We are making the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Compassionate Care Workshop available to all nurses, doctors, midwives, or staff that might be in contact with a family that has had a loss. The course expenses will be covered by The Butterfly Run & Bereavement Fund.


Additional Funds will be used to restock the Butterfly Kits as needed.


In November 2018 The Butterfly Run Quinte received the National Philanthropy Day Award for its ongoing effort in building a stronger community and celebrating the essential work of non-profit and charitable organizations.


The Butterfly Girls are currently working with QHC to provide a specific labour room and family suite for those experiencing a loss. These refurbished rooms will provide a quiet, safe space on the maternity floor for families. They will include an area for partners to sleep, small comfort items, literature, etc. to assist families during this difficult time.  Pictures and updates to come soon.