The Committee 

Barb Matteucci 

Barb is a birth doula who has been attending births in the Quinte region since 2005. Barb supported the other two Butterfly Run founding members, Beth & Loralee during their pregnancies and births.

Barb was present during the birth of Beth’s daughter, Charlie who unexpectedly died during labour. She also supported Loralee during the births of her three children including Angel, who was born at 22 weeks.

Since 2015 Barb has experienced three early losses, but is still hopeful to expand her family. Experiencing, and witnessing first hand pregnancy and infant loss, has made Barb a passionate advocate for families.


Barb's work in the loss community has expanded to include one on one loss support as an on call hospital bereavement doula. Barb has supported many families at BGH and KGH. She advocates for women in our community by guest speaking at local events and educational days for hospital staff.  


Loralee McInroy

While pregnant with her second child, Angel, Loralee received devastating news that her daughter had a rare condition called Thanatophoric Dysplasia.

In April 2014, at 22 weeks, Loralee gave birth to Baby Angel. After she lost Angel, Loralee felt the need to do something to honor her baby. Together, with Barb and Beth, the idea for the Butterfly Run was born.


Beth Primeau

In the fall of 2015, Beth was excitedly awaiting the arrival of her first child. After a routine and healthy pregnancy, Beth went into labour. Unfortunately, her daughter, Charlie did not survive.


After experiencing the loss of Charlie, Beth wanted to do something to help other families who experience loss in the community.

Tasha Jansen

Tasha Jansen has experienced four losses since 2012. After her 20 week pregnancy loss with her son Isaiah in 2016, Tasha was one of the first patients to receive support from The Butterfly Run. Since the positive impact The Butterfly Run has made on her family, Tasha has volunteered her time and skills toward the run each year.